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As a new Jewish year is on the horizon, Yom Kippur will mark the first time we say Yizkor in the new Jewish year 5784. Hence, we are preparing to once again publish a Yizkor Book — A  Book of Remembrance.  


The Yizkor prayer is recited four times annually: on Yom Kippur, Shmini Atzeret, Pesach, and Shavuot.  The Yizkor Book will be distributed amongst the congregation each of the four times the Yizkor prayer is recited.  

When we recite the Yizkor prayer—the prayer in memoriam of our beloved departed ones,  we assure our beloved that they are not forgotten and pray that their souls attain higher elevations in heaven.  In Jewish tradition, when reciting Yizkor for our beloved departed ones, we show our commitment to them in two ways.  First, through prayer, and second, by pledging charity in their memory. 

The Yizkor Book will include all the special prayers recited and will also include the name of the dear beloved who you wish to honor and remember.  We ask for a minimum donation of $36.00 per name to appear in the Yizkor Book, which will also include the donor’s name who remembered their departed beloved ones. Please fill out the enclosed form and mail it back to the office by September 18.

Click here to download last year's yizkor book

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