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about Herman and Elizabeth Weber

Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, they knew nothing of each other until time and synchronicity brought them together.

Herman’s family left Poland and Germany late in the 1930s and immigrated to Colombia.  Elizabeth’s family left Germany about the same time.  Her parents, like Herman’s, were youngsters and didn’t know each other then.

Herman went to medical school in Venezuela and worked there before traveling to visit relatives in Queens, NY.  After seventeen days of experiencing snow for the first time, seeing as many Broadway shows as possible, and falling in love with the city, he went back home and tendered his resignation at the hospital where he had worked. His travels back to the States took him to Baltimore, Texas, and the Washington, DC area, fulfilling his residency and working in internal medicine, and nephrology.

Elizabeth who had earned her business degree, spent Passover 1981 with a college friend in Miami. The friend’s cousin, Herman, happened to be in Orlando at the time and was invited for Passover. By that Fall Herman and Elizabeth were married.

The Weber family has a theme carried from Elizabeth’s childhood.  “Unlike today’s world where mornings are often so hectic getting everyone where they need to be, my mother, gentle soul that she was, would wake me every morning with a piece of chocolate in my mouth. Even today I wake up and I want chocolate!

Herman and Elizabeth became lifetime members of Chabad a little over four years ago. They have stated that they felt so welcome at Chabad from their very first day.

Their impact on the Chabad community has been quietly profound.  Herman is currently the congregation president and Elizabeth is president of the Women’s Circle. Their generosity, both materially and spiritually has touched all of us.

about Comedian Robert Cait

Robert Cait’s brilliant Jewish stand-up comedy has earned him the prestigious title: “George Carlin with a kippah.” With one wonderful exception: Robert works “Kosher-Clean!”


His hilarious stand-up has kept audience’s rolling from “The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival” in Montreal to the “Howard Stern Show” in New York, to “Dennis Miller Live” in Las Vegas and in theaters from coast to coast.


His act is sprinkled with Hebrew and Yiddish (he’s fluent in both!) making him one of the most unique and sought after Jewish comedians performing today.


Now living and thriving in Los Angeles, Cait’s remarkable voice talents have landed him in countless films, television series and recognizable commercials such as the voice of “Duke the Dog” for Bush’s Baked Beans, Boris Badenov for DreamWorks’ “Bullwinkle” cartoons, Norm the Genie for Nickelodeon’s “Fairly Odd Parents”, Colossus from “X-Men” and more.


He has been lauded by critics for his comedy on MTV, A&E and Comedy Central and has been in several films honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. From the Oscar® winning Best Feature Documentary “A Long Way Home” to the DreamWorks Oscar® nominated Best Animated feature “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”, he has impressed producers with his wide interpretive range.

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