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Course Description

Starting monday, july 23 at 7:00-8:30pm

Course Description

Men Women & Kabbalah -  The Kabbalah of relationships 

Viewed through the prism of Kabbalah, gender is an essential quality of the cosmos. From mystical secrets of reincarnation to practical tips on enhancing relationships, Judaism's ancient teachings will bring new depth in understanding life's most challenging issues.

1. One is Two; Two is One - The divine mystery of human sexuality

2. Golden Angels Intertwined - The sanctity of human love

3. Eve Rising - The Kabbalah of Feminism

4. Getting Back to the Garden - To sin is human; to return is divine

5. Nuclear Fission, Unclear Fusion. - Reincarnation and the reunion of souls

6. The Universe in a Marriage - Applying the wisdom of Kabbalah to real relationships

7. 1 + 1 = 3 - The child/parent connection that is never severed

8. Inside Rituals - The Kabbalah behind the things Jews do

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