2019 end of year campaign

Make a difference!



GOAL: $25,000

Every $ makes an impact!

As we enter into the final days of the current fiscal year, many of you will consider making end of year donations to various organizations. Please consider helping Chabad of Sarasota with a generous year-end gift.

We would like to pay off the Chabad mortgage, which currently stands at $25,000.00. We are excited to share that an anonymous member and friend have offered to contribute $10,000.00, on

the condition that we raise the remaining $15,000.00 by December 31st. 


Kindly show your generosity with this important endeavor and realize that every dollar of your contribution will go a long way to help us secure the $10,000.00 contribution.

All who participate at this end of year campaign will be invited to a special "Burn the Mortgage" party.



Vivien & Isaak Kalvaria
Raquel and Leon Dorsey
Sheri and Robert Simon
Tali and Sam Schneider
Mark Schlanger
Jonathan and Joan Papkin
Wendy and brad Glazer
Jeffrey and Nikki Sedacca
Robert and Randelle Landman
Allie Fraidowitz
Shaya and Leah Suffin
Marshall and Dina Gobuty
Paul & Ilene O'Connell
Ella Steinmetz
Leonore Ruggles  

     IMO of Joseph & Sonia Frankel

Herman and Elizabeth Weber

Baruch and Chana Steinmetz

David Eisner

Eliahou Murad

     IMO my mother Violet Bat Yafa's                   Yaertzeit on 3rd of Tevet.

Kirk Weisman

Barry and Anne Stein

Linda Methal

Jerry and Sue Ann Levin

Alan Levin

Chirle Glinski

Ed and Sheila Braun

Carl  Tishler

David and Jane Wicentowski

Jenny Kosman

Heidi Brown

     IHO Yitzchak Brown

Leah and Shaya Suffin

S​adie Laufer

Ricardo Kasinsky

Richard and Sheila Brumberg

Malcolm and Rita Barry

Rokhlin Lisa and Henry

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