Make a difference!

2020 end of year campaign


GOAL: $30,000

Double your impact-Every $1=$2 

thanks to our generous matchers!

Jeffrey and Sheryl Isaac

Mendel and Ella Simon

Paul Nussbaum

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Since March when Covid-19 began, Chabad has provided not just spiritual and emotional comfort for the community, but also helping whenever called upon for assistance. At a time when everything feels uncertain, we find comfort and encouragement knowing that you care about our cause. This has enabled us o brighten the community at large.


As 2021 is almost upon us, we ask you dear friend and supporter to please partner with us and enable us to continue to bring Jewish tradition and comfort to our community during

this unprecedented crisis by making a gift to support Chabad of Sarasota.


Our goal for our end of year campaign is $30,000. 

Thanks to our generous Matchers, every dollar you donate will be matched by one dollar. Whatever amount you are inspired to give will be doubled and will make a difference.


May G-d bless you and your family with good health, happiness and much success.

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Sue Ann and Jerry Levin $1000
Randy and Bob Landman $500
Sheila and Ed Braun $50
Anonymous $100
Michael & Charlotte Jones $100
Avery & Joan Levy $54
Elliot  Baruch $54
Leah and Levi Steinmetz $360
Harvey and Phyllis Katz $1800
Andre Krauss $180
Steven Joselson $50
Kathie Alexander $200
Jane & David Wicentowski $1072
Mark Schlanger $54
Anonymous $100 IMO Samuel Ben Ykoutiel Berdugo and Mazel Tov bat Shoushanah 
Dror & Rochelle Mizrahi $180
Jim Haberman $100
Michael Moyal $360
Leon & Raquel Dorsey $1000 IHO Gabriel, whom we love and miss very much
Kosman Family $300
Alan Levin $108
Kirk Weisman $1000
Chaya  Schotzinger $54
Rabbi Eli & Rivky Shifrin $100 IMO Golda Miriam bas Chananya
Lana & Ronni Tudin $360
Chris Malkin $218
Zuzana Kovarikova $25
Lee Ruggles $100
Elizabeth and Herman Weber $250
Jodi Bloom $50
Barry & Anne Stein $2000
Richard and Sheila Brumberg $180
Jack & Suzanna Berkowitz $360
Hilary & Anita Oestreich $250 
 Rhoda & Herbert Beningson $140
Martin & Shelley  Waldman $100
Flora and Fred Tow $360
Teo Sonnenschein $100 IMO Henry and Lisa Sonnenschein
Baruch and Chana Steinmetz $180
Michelle kleinman $150 to Weinstein Jewish Enrichment Program
Marshall & Dina Gobuty $1800 IHO David Stall