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Make a difference!

2023 end of year campaign

EOY 2023 Banner_edited.jpg


GOAL: $75,000

Double your impact-Every $1=$2 
thanks to our generous matchers!

Jeffrey and Sheryl Isaac
Paul Nussbaum
Ilene and Paul O'Connell
Barry and Anne Stein

Kirk Weisman and Jo Ellyn Yturraspe

For the next ten days $1 = $2


In 2023, Chabad of Sarasota has experienced much growth and has been hard at work meeting the needs of our growing community. 


Chabad of Sarasota has expanded adult education and programming throughout the past year. The Kaplan Preschool, Weinstein Jewish Enrichment Program, the women's circle, and Club 770 Men's Club provide ongoing inspirational Jewish experiences.


Holiday events, including the Sukkot barbecue, A Taste of Chanukah festival, pre-Chanukah comedy night, Purim celebrations, and the communal Seder, are well attended and embraced by our greater community. 


The annual Dr. Leonard Schwartzbaum Longevity Symposium has gained a reputation for bringing in well-sought-out speakers.

The number of weekly adult education classes has increased, gained traction, and made the Chabad Center a vibrant center for Torah study.  

For this year, we added the Garden of Eat'n social evening at Michael's On East, which all participants enjoyed.


As we close out 2023, we are launching our end-of-year MATCH-A-THON.

For the next ten days, every dollar donated to Chabad will be matched by several generous supporters: Jeffrey and Sheryl Isaac, Paul Nussbaum, Ilene and Paul O'Connell, Barry and Anne Stein & Kirk Weisman and Jo Ellyn Yturraspe. A $100 gift becomes $200, and a $1,000 gift becomes $2,000, etc.

Can we count on you to chip in and help us reach our year-end goal of raising $50,000?


Your philanthropy and giving have helped us get this far. Still, as 2023 ends, we ask for your support to demonstrate generosity. Join the campaign, help us reach our goal, and remember that any amount helps us make Chabad of Sarasota a warm second home for you and others.

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Kirk Weisman & Jo Ellyn Yturraspe
Levi and Leah Steinmetz

Shoshana and Zeev Rutenberg
Marion Stewart  
In Memory of Lillian and Jacob Stein
Lee Kichen
Yossi Steinmetz
Sidney  Bearon 
In memory of my Brother, Moshe Tuvia Ben Tzvi and in appreciation of the Rabbi and Congregation.
Larry and Roza Krotenko
Jeff and Nikki Sedacca
Richard & Arlene Franco
Gary Watts 
in honor of Rabbi Steinmetz for teaching me Tanya on Monday nights
Bill and Lisa Libman
Peter Friedman
Sheila and Richard Brumberg
Mark Schlanger
Joseph Wilson
Ronni an
d Lana  Tudin
Judith Marks 
In Honor of Rabbi Steinmetz and his family
Nathanel Shabat
Joseph Paley
In memory of Shirley Desatnik
Edward Braun
Ivan and Inna Prokopenko
Sharon Patrice
IMO Susana Ehrlich, Elizabeth Weber's sister
Dror and Rochelle Mizrahi
Alex Abramov
 IHO the engagement of Mendy Steinmetz to Chaya Mushkah Lipskar
Alan Kaye
Eliahou & Valentine ​Murad
Leon and Raquel Dorsey
Marshall and Dina Gobuty 
IHO the engagement of Mendy Steinmetz to Chaya Mushkah Lipskar
Zev and Shaina Steinmetz
Stephen  Miller
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Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.51.33 AM.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.50.43 AM.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.50.33 AM.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.51.54 AM.jpg
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