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Chabad Kaplan Preschool provides a quality early childhood experience to children ages 2.5. -5.  It is our commitment from our heart, and we want to give you an opportunity to join us in our endeavor to deeply impact the lives of our young students.  We hope you will choose to join our Circle of Hearts and help us provide daily meaningful, joyful and educational experiences.

Funds raised from the Circle of Hearts will be allocated to purchases for new equipment, professional development, extra-curricular programming, and making sure our program is keeping abreast with the latest trends in education.  Donors will be recognized on the website, and on a donor wall near the preschool entryway.  Please choose your level of participation to support us so we can further nurture the children and teachers who spend their days at Chabad Kaplan Preschool.


One Heart $500 annually, $50 for ten months

Two Hearts $1,000 annually $100 for ten months

Silver Heart $1,800 annually $180 for ten months

Gold Heart $5,000 annually, $500 for ten months

Platinum Heart $10,000 annually, $1,000 for ten months

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