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Dear Friend,

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Brown Family Unity Community Torah Campaign at Chabad of Sarasota-Manatee.

The Torah is dedicated by Brown family in loving memory of Dennis, Aaron & Chaim Aryeh Brown. The Torah is being written to greet our righteous moshiach.

The Torah is custom written in Israel, every detail carefully chosen to make sure it is of the highest quality and beauty. The Torah will be smaller in size than usual (for ease of carrying and lifting), the parchment for the Torah will be very fine and high quality (lighter color and weight.)  We are in the process of hiring a Sofer from Israel for the writing of the Torah, with the most beautiful hand writing. 

Please join us in making history for our bright Jewish future, by participating in the new Torah campaign. 


We look forward to completing and welcoming the new Torah to the Chabad Center in the near future. Please stay tuned. 



CROWN / KETER ........... $5,000

The beautiful sterling silver crown prominently displayed above the Torah. donors name will be engraved on the crown.

MANTEL....... $4,000

Two Covers for the Torah, one for year round and one for the High Holidays. Donors name will be embroidered on the backside of the Torah dress.

BOOKS OF TORAH ....... $4,000

Dedicate one complete book of the five Books in the Torah.

Donors name will be embroidered on the backside of the Torah dress.

EITZ CHAIM ....... $2,800

Dedicate the Torah rollers with your family name engraved on it.


YAD - TORAH'S HAND ....... $2,000

Dedicate the Torah Yad.




You may choose to mark a personal occasion or to connect to a unique blessing in the Torah. Selections include: Blessing for Children • Hashem, Hashem-13 Attributes of Mercy • Az Yashir-Splitting of the Sea • Bircat Kohanim-Priestly Blessing • Ten Commandments • Shema Yisroel • Vayehi Binsoa • Chazak-End of Book




Dedicate a weekly Torah portion for yourself, your family or a friend by choosing a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding anniversary or in memory of a loved one by choosing the portion of their Yahrtzeit.



ALIYAH ....... $540

Dedicate an Aliyah in honor of your family (or each member of the family) and/or in memory of loved ones.

PASUK - TORAH VERSE ....... $360

Endow a Torah verse that has special meaning to you or a friend.

WORD ....... $180

Endow a word in the Torah that has special meaning to you or a friend.

LETTER ....... $36 

Endow letters of a Jewish Name for yourself or a friend.

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